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02 October

Hi there,
rulethirteen observed a major milestone last week, celebrating three wonderful years in operation. The success of rulethirteen is no accident, the hard work and dedication is mirrored by the many great clients we have worked with over the time, large and small, businesses that are all dedicated at improving. .

To mark this anniversary, it is my great pleasure to tell you about some other rulethirteen developments. I’ve come to know that there are only ever 24 hours in a day, no matter how much I try to squeeze in, so to make life a little less hectic for me, and to assist my clients a little better, rulethirteen has expanded!

new team

Please join me in welcoming our new employees:

Lena Christl

Lena is a food industry expert, having worked with major retail suppliers, performing audits on food safety, animal welfare, and targeted audits on allergens, product claims etc. Lena’s vast experience has allowed her to see what works, and what doesn’t work in a host of situations, form large companies to small. Lena has a great grasp on risk management, and is able to find a way to ensure control whilst being mindful of pragmatic issues.

Joe Bazinet

Joe is a registered SQF practitioner, and has experience in several areas of food manufacturing and packaging. Joe has worked in several quality assurance roles, and understands what it is like to be the auditee! Joe therefore has a good, practical approach to implementing management systems, and has a highly tuned attitude toward food safety risk management and control of hazards, particularly allergens.

Derek Salvo

Derek has joined rulethirteen from Boston, USA, and brings with him a wealth of business process, policy and strategy experience. Derek’s experience also includes cost accounting, and has worked with very large retail organisations in managing and tracking cash, costs, running projects and tracking issues.

new experts

Rulethirteen has also been working with a number of subcontractors – specialists in their field that can assist when needed:

Lyn Butler

Lyn and I worked together many years ago, and it is just so good to be working with Lyn again. Lyn has a very practical and pragmatic approach to auditing and training, and commands a lot of respect from those she works with at factories, since it is always easier to get the message across if you have been there and have experienced what they are going through.

Paul Holder

Like Lyn, Paul also hosts a wealth of knowledge of the grass roots of the food industry, and has excellent skills in audits, training, management systems and risk management.

Valerie Cranwell-Smith

Our most recent addition is Valerie Cranwell-Smith. Val has worked in the fresh produce, food manufacturing and wine industries. Valerie writes and runs HACCP Plans and Quality Systems that focus on maximum control for minimal paperwork – every document counts!

And don’t forget we still have Mark Aitken, who has been with rulethirteen for a while now and can be called upon to help with Technical Writing, such as the development of policies, procedures and other documentation.

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