About rulethirteen

About rule thirteen


Business Advice

  • Governance
  • Financial Sustainability & Growth
  • Crisis Management
  • Media Management
  • Efficiency

Food Safety

  • Auditing
  • Training
  • Management System Design and implementation
  • On-line audit systems

A Food Safety Business Consulting Firm:

Here at rulethirteen, we don’t use the word ‘consultant’, instead we form partnerships with business.

Unlike some ‘consultancies’, we don’t just train you and leave you to it. Our approach is comprehensive. We guide you and work with your team through each step of the process.

The first crucial step in this journey is developing a deep understanding of your needs and your customer’s needs. We then tailor our services to ensure we surpass expectations.

Food Safety Systems often sit outside standard operations – there for compliance alone. We aim to change that view by helping business to develop a ‘workplace food safety culture’. This culture actively engages employees with the knowledge and skills to act. It’s about empowerment through expertise.

Technical Advisors

Our team of technical advisors specialize in reviewing and updating policies and guidelines for food safety and quality as well as animal welfare programs.

We create policies and guidelines for new business initiatives and maintain HACCP and food safety programs.

People Services

We can embed staff for any period of time in your business. Our experts will work alongside your team, delivering technical support whilst improving overall performance.

Our people specialize in the areas of food safety, food quality, innovation, risk and governance: